Yura is a child-hood freind of K's.

Relationship with K Edit

While their apears to be no romantic relationship between K and Yura, it is hinted. At the end of volume six, both Sara and and Yura seem to show and iterest in K. Sara winking and saying. In the first volume, when K replies no to Yura's question if K had fallen for Sara, he replied no, making Yura happy.

Brain Damage Edit

As a major plot point, Yura is acidentally put into a coma by a shot from Eric's sniper. Eric was attempting to hit the Iron hired fist behind Yura, but Yura got in the way. The bullet just nearly hit her brain, but it put her in a coma. For the rest of the series, Yura is in hospital, and K must work for Athena to gather the money to help Yura.