A group of Tactical Costumes

Flying TC

A TC during flight

Tactical Costumes (also called TC's) are huge robotic exo skeletons for use around Earths remaining cities. Tactical Costumes have many different uses. From lifting heavy crates, lethal force, military combat to even basic transport. Different TC's have different specialities. Some TC's specialize in space combat, while others in aquatic environments. While most TC's have the option to fly, some (like the MNC Cleaners) sacrifice this ability in replace of brute force.

Combat Edit

While different TC's may specialize in different combat types, the basic attack desgin remains the same. Most moves capable by humans can be mimicked by a TC due to there human like design. TC's can take much more punishment, making them more effective than standard soldiers. TC's often come equipped with two weapon types. A projectile weapon and a me-lee weapon. The melee weapon can range from a small knife to a crystal sword, while projectiles can include machine guns, snipers and rocket launchers. Every TC has a different combat style, and the class of TC can often effect the range of weapons the TC carries.

History Edit

Scince the ten years that TC's were first introduced, the Tactical Costumes were rarely used untill a mass weapon ovefill populated the world, most fire arms were soon reducted from the battlefield, and replaced with the TC's. The TC's quickly became massed produced and labelled as the new soldiers of the battlefield. Stronger, quicker and bigger than normal soldiers, TC's became a part of every strike force. The mass production of TC's had one flaw however, and that is in the fact that TC's require technicians and specialists to check up on the equipment to make sure the unit is working. These prove no use to a simple human being. Thus, TC's became a standard part of military conflict, often used aside standard foot soldiers.

Appearance Edit

TC design look remarkably simular to that of the human body. TC's can pull of quick and desisive combat moves. Despite the apearence, TC's are controlled by a human pilot within the chest of the TC. Most mass produced models of TC's look allmost identicle to eachover, however a few TC's have induvidual names and apearences.