The Phantom
The Phantom is a powerfull, huge, green Tactical Costume that the series is named after. Standing 7.3 metres into the air, the Phantom was the prototype of all other Tactical Costumes.

History Edit

Phantom is a rynus made Tactical Costume and is the prototype for all following TC design. It was dubbed The Emperor of TC's during its construction.

Design Edit

Phantom was built for all possible war scenario's. These include aquatic combat, air combat, space combat and even nuclear warfare. Phantom's MET Armor is made of a diffrent substance compaired to Cerberus. Phantom's MET was constructed from crashed Meteorites. It is assumed that these meteorites were from the event known as the 'The Meteo Rain'. With a powerfull engine (four original NEF-6000's), and a fuel capacity of 5900kg, several test pilot's were killed before the Phantom was ever used in combat. The suit does not have an eject system, and scince then no one managed to find a skilled enough pilot untill the Aurora system is transfered from Cerberus and K gets to pilot Phantom at the end of volume 5.

Combat Edit

Phantom was built with every possible war scenario in mind. Phantom is enabled to equip itself with any availible TC weaponary. Phantoms top spead is 330km and operational speed is 710km.

The Phantom and K Edit

During the end of Phantom volume 5, K pilots Phantom and Kas Stein pilots his own TC, Inferno. Together, they take down the Giant TC.