Mnc cleaner

A close up angle of an MNC Cleaner

Multi National Corporation Cleaners are hired guns, working for money to hunt down bountys. The noticable ones for the Phantom manga shows that they are working for the terrorist faction Iron, however any company that pays will suit the Cleaners needs.

Combat Edit

Cleaner Tactical Costumes are some of the most armored TC's created. The bulky armor can slow the mech down however, causing it to be slow in combat. MNC Cleaners use heavy weaponry. A heavy machine gun alongside a shotgun for close quaters. Melee weapons include an axe and tomahawk. The MNC Cleaner is one of the few TC's that cannot fly or hover.

Apearence Edit

While most TC's follow a more humanoid design, the MNC Cleaners have a bulky, crude apearence. The strong armor plating allows the TC to take alot of punishment before falling.