K is the main star of all of the issues of Phantom. He is young, naive and has much potential. Most of this potential comes in the form of his powers. K posses the power to read peoples minds and reactions. Acting before anyone can try to counter attack him, predicting enemies actions.

Personality Edit

K is brash and bold, and often prone to showing off. Despite this, he has become a police officer and has a strong sense of justice. Before he was hired by Athena, he was often chasing around an Athena soldier Sara. At this point, K was not aware of them not really being terrorist, unlike Irons view on the situation. K shows certain attention to his freind Yura. It is possible that K may have a romantic interest with Yura, though he does not show it. K shows loyalty towards Yura, and will willingly do anything to protect her.

K's power

K using his power to pick up Eric's memories.

Powers Edit

K was among Irons test subjects on Irons research for biological human alteration. During 'The Meteo Rain' K was infected by the alien parasite contained inside the rocks known as the Nano Parasites. It allowed K to posses the power to read peoples minds, memories and reactions. It is assumed that K cannot control his power, and that he will automatically predict his enemies movments. One example when K manages to use his powers to his advantage is when he is piloting the TC known as Scope Dog, oten piloted by Eric. While driving the TC, K managed to pick up memories of Erics actions in the mech, and so he could recreate the same feeling Eric would go through. Another example would be when K is fighting Sara in Cerberus, he discovered that he could predict Sara's movements. In result, K managed to block Sara's attacks.

K again


To begin with, K's mind reading power wasnt used to full power. Forced to drive a Police Mech, a primitive and massed produced TC, didnt allow him to harness his full potential. It was only untill he took control of Cerberus that his full power was used to potential. Combined with Cerberus Auora system, he managed to defeat a gang of MNC Cleaners that outnumbered him. Athena relaised K's endless potential, and soon (after training) got K to pilot the Phantom. An untested and overally powerfull TC that only the best of any pilot can control.


The notable feature of K is his orange hair. He is often made fun of due to his hair by his freind Matin, who describes it as looking like a toaster fell in the tub.


19 years old, K is korean and has type A blood. He lost his parents to the 'Meteo Rain'. He decided to join Neo Seoul Police at the age of 19 and pilot a standard issue police TC.