Cerberus and Gripen

Cerberus combined with Gripen

What is with this... monster of a machine
- K

Cerberus is an Athena Tactical Costume designed by Rynus. To begin with it was piloted by Sara, and then later handed over to K. It is the poster TC for the series.

Apearence Edit

Jade-Green and standing 6.9 metres into the air, Cerberus is a menace in apearence. It wieghs 11.6 tons unarmed.

Cerberus with gun

Cerberus using its gatling gun


Cerberus is designed for speed. Using the super-human powers of its pilot K, alongside the on-board AI system Aurora, Cerberus is quick and effective during combat. Carrying four detachable grenades, two titanium hooks extenadlbe from its arms, a close range Auto 19 19-shot rapid fire machine gun, smoke , chaff and flare shells, Cerberus is equiped to the core with weaponary. Cerberus can also combine with the air unit known as Gripen. Cerberus has a top speed of 85km. Optional weapons include a KM55-84M 30mm gatling gun, as well as the ability to be armed with any other weaponary.

Cerberus head butt


With a new untested chassis designed by Rynus known as 'MET' that is composed of a compound akin to human bones, Cerberus has a sturdy design. It runs on a fuel capacity of 2490kg with an RPT-F404 engine

Combination with GripenEdit

Cerberus can combine with the air unit known as Gripen, allowing it to fly.

Aurora SytemEdit

Aurora is an on-board AI sytem that allows the computer to learn from the pilots mistakes. This means the same mistake cannot be repeated.